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Let's Dive In!

I am not a small talk person. I am not good at it and it does not come easy to me. My instinct is to ask the deep questions and REALLY get to know someone. Let's skip the talk about the weather or what your weekend plans are and head straight to what has been the biggest life challenge you have faced or how have you grown as a person in the last year. Those are the conversations I intend to have in this blog. I am all about getting to know the REAL you. With that said, let's dive into the REALNESS of this blog.


I want to use this platform to speak about the stuff that REALLY matters. And I will admit, I am also not the type of person to be vulnerable with people I don't know very well. But here I am trying to do just that. I want to be REAL with you guys! So you are gonna hear about my journey. The rough times, the great times, and the in-between times. I pray that you are able to get something from my story that inspires and encourages you in your walk of faith.

In addition to growing in faith, I want to show you how to be REAL in your space. Creating a space that is uniquely you is so important! You want to live in a space you feel comfortable in and one that reflects who you REALLY are as a person. Part of this requires you to create a space that honors your faith and honors God. Hopefully this blog will be able to teach you AND me how to do that. I am going to be learning alongside you as I go through school and learn more about interior design. So bear with me, my design tips will probably grow and change as I learn more.

Finally, you will see a tab dedicated to traveling. Travel is very important to me and has also grown my faith and understanding of design. There is so much culture to be found all over the world. Travel has played an integral part in my life and I hope that you can learn to appreciate it as well, if you do not already.

So let's dive into this new journey together!

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