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Creating Space for Jesus was created and brought to life after my incredibly difficult freshman year of college. I had faced many trials and experienced an incredible amount of growth. It was a season marked by struggle that ultimately ignited a passion in my heart to share the goodness of God in the form of writing. It has since become my favorite hobby and ministry. I hope sharing my own stories can be an encouragement to you and that you are reminded of how deeply the Father loves you.


Life is messy and hard, but I believe that if we open our hearts and create space for Jesus to enter our lives, we will be transformed in miraculous ways. 


A little bit about me...

1. Coffee is my drink of choice

In my opinion, there is nothing a little coffee can't fix. Something about that first sip of a vanilla latte just soothes my soul.

2. I thoroughly enjoy cuddling puppies 

I mean who doesn't? Puppy cuddles are the absolute best!

3. I'm a big people person

People make me happy. I love drinking coffee with them, having deep conversation with them, learning more about Jesus with them. For me, it all comes back to spending time with others. God created us for relationships and community so it's only fitting I experience a little slice of Heaven when I am with the ones I love. 

4.  I am an enneagram 9w1

I am you're fellow peacemaker who strives to avoid conflict at all costs. Catch me on the outskirts of any situation, just simply observing and taking in my surroundings. 

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