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Jesus: Our Hope

Well, this Easter looked very different, didn't it? No Easter egg hunts, no church, no family gatherings. It might have seemed discouraging or upsetting. It could have felt lonely. It could have been yet another painful reminder of the reality we are facing every day. Life is tricky right now.

I am so thankful for a friend's idea to watch the sunrise on Easter Sunday this year. It marked the day as something special; it set it apart from another morning of sleeping in and sitting on the couch till 11am. It was an encouraging reminder that there is still hope.

As I sat and waited expectantly for the sun to peak over the mountain, I found myself reflecting on all the things I can still be thankful for even in all the messiness. I am thankful the sun continues to rise. I am thankful for the family I have been blessed with. I am thankful for that first sip of coffee in the morning that makes my heart happy. I am thankful that Jesus is my hope in times that feel hopeless. He is my reminder that this is not the end. Because I know Him, like watching the sun rise, I get to wait expectantly for His goodness to shine through.

Besides the physical pain, there is a spiritual war being fought right now. The devil is attacking. He is loving that we are separated from our communities, he is feeding off of our fear, and he is trying everything in his power to break us. If you are feeling fearful, or discouraged, or confused, that is okay! We are only human and God does not expect us to not be a little bit shaken by these turn of events in our world. But as believers, we have the privilege of knowing that no matter what, He is victorious. He has already won the battle, friend.

One of my favorite songs is "Tremble" by Mosaic MSC. "Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear." He casts out all darkness and all fear. With Him, light will shine brighter. There is no question who the victor is. It is always Jesus!! Is that so comforting?! The Creator of the universe is in control of it all and He is good through every circumstance.

So, even if you still feel fearful or burdened by the hurts of this world, wait expectantly for the Lord to reveal His goodness to you. Wait expectantly for Him to make big changes. Wait expectantly for His victory. It is coming! He is on our side and He is winning. I pray that you are able to rest in that truth and feel His presence near this week.

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