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Get Outside

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I have a sticker on the back of my car that says "get outside". When I saw the sticker in the store I absolutely loved it; it seemed so Oregonian and PNW. And back then I would have told you I loved to be outdoors. But the truth is, I probably would have chosen to go see a movie in a dark theater instead of a hike in the Gorge. The sad reality was that I didn't actually take advantage of getting outside on most occasions.

During my time in quarantine, I have been humbly reminded what a gift the outdoors are from our Creator. He has given us a home full of His love and beauty. Look around. The birds, the trees, the clouds, and the sunshine were all created by God for us to enjoy.

Do you know that creation worships God? Psalm 148 tells us that all things were created by Him and they all praise His name. The sun and the moon, the waves, the mountains, the people! We are apart of His creation and He has given us the privilege to have dominion over it. What does that mean? It means we should protect it, enjoy it, and worship it. We have such a responsibility to take care of this world because the most Famous One created it to reflect His character and His complexity. There is so much we can't understand about our God, but when you look at nature it does not take long to figure out how much He loves us. The least we can do is spend time in the space He has gifted us.

This week I challenge you to "get outside" once a day. Take a walk, read a book outside, lay down in the grass and watch the clouds pass by. The grounding and peace you feel when you are laying flat on the earth God created, looking up at the sky He created is unlike anything else. Talk about feeling the overwhelming fullness of God! If you want to experience the presence of your Maker, take time to delight in nature. You will be met with a peace like no other.

Psalm 148

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Let the skies be filled with praise

and the highest heavens with the shouts of glory!

Go ahead—praise him, all you his messengers!

Praise him some more, all you heavenly hosts!

Keep it up, sun and moon!

Don’t stop now, all you twinkling stars of light!

Take it up even higher—up to the highest heavens,

until the cosmic chorus thunders his praise![a]

Let the entire universe erupt with praise to God.

From nothing to something he spoke and created it all.

He established the cosmos to last forever,

and he stands behind his commands

so his orders will never be revoked.

Let the earth join in with this parade of praise!

You mighty creatures of the ocean’s depths,

echo in exaltation!

Lightning, hail, snow, and clouds,

and the stormy winds that fulfill his word.

Bring your melody, O mountains and hills;

trees of the forest and field, harmonize your praise!

Praise him, all beasts and birds, mice and men,

kings, queens, princes, and princesses,

young men and maidens, children and babes,

old and young alike, everyone everywhere!

Let them all join in with this orchestra of praise.

For the name of the Lord is the only name we raise!

His stunning splendor ascends higher than the heavens.

He anoints his people with strength and authority,

showing his great favor to all his godly lovers,

even to his princely people, Israel,

who are so close to his heart.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

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