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Seeing Abundance in the Mundane

When I hear the word abundance I think of something overflowing, like there is too much. However, even in the mundane moments of life when things seem dried up or empty, God promises us an abundance. He promises an overflowing of His love (Psalm 136:26), peace (Phil. 4:7), comfort (Isaiah 41:10), and protection (Proverbs 30:5). He promises that life with Him will be anything but empty (John 10:10). In the quieter seasons of life, we need this reminder… at least, I do.

My weeks and days are pretty routine in this season. Not a lot of new or exciting things happening. But I know God is working in my heart as I process the feelings of “stuck-ness” and idleness. I had an epiphany the other day that for the last four years (but honestly more like my entire life), I have been in a constant state of change. It’s been one transition after the next. The cycle of beginning a new school year, starting different classes or clubs, looking forward to winter or summer breaks, moving back and forth from home and school. There has always been a “new thing” ahead of me. The funny thing is, I have always credited myself with not liking change. It causes anxiety and fear of the unknown. From a young age I have always liked knowing the plan, and my time in college stretched me in many ways with regard to that personality trait. And although I learned how to adapt to change and cope with the exhaustion it brought, I still didn’t like it.

And yet, here I find myself missing the days of having things to look forward to. I think I got so used to the easy out that when life didn’t feel full at that particular moment, I knew it wouldn’t be like that for very long. Something would change and things would feel new, exciting, or different once again. I am learning that’s not always how it works in the “real world.” The days can drag together and there is not always something to look forward to… and that’s okay.

My word for 2022 is abundance. Yet, there have been many moments that have felt uneventful, mundane, and maybe even a little boring. Still, God is teaching me that there is always abundance found in Him! With Him, even the simple moments have the opportunity to be abundant. That first sip of coffee in the morning, church on Sundays, long drives through the country, the way the sun streams through our living room window in the evening, lunch dates with my people, young adult groups. All of these are everyday reminders of God’s goodness. He Himself is abundant so when we invite him into the everyday, boring, mundane moments, we will be met with His full abundance. Man, I am so thankful for that!

During this season I am realizing that it is often in the quiet moments where I am able to experience God the fullest. He has met me in the stillness and pressed His Word, His heart, His promises into my soul. There is a peace I have that even here in my routine, day-to-day, He is working. There is purpose in this season even if it’s not clear to me right now. Whether it’s a time of rest or preparation, God has a reason for the slower, simpler moments in life.

If you find yourself in a mundane season, or even if things feel rich and alive, press into where the Lord has you. He is bigger than our circumstances, bigger than our dreams or disappointments, bigger than anything this world has to offer. If He is King over it all, then He is definitely King of even the mundane.

"And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always

have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others."

2 Corinthians 9:8

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