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He is Our Potter, We are His Clay

There's this verse in the Bible - you've probably heard it - about us being the clay and God being the potter. I love this analogy. I love that it paints a picture of God molding and sculpting each of us into who we were created to be. It's a beautiful illustration of how God carefully designs us.

On one hand, we can view this analogy as regards to our physical features. God has handpicked and painted each of our outward features - our eye color, our smile, even our fingerprints. Every last phyiscal feature has been assigned by God. Like the potter, He has chosen our final look; He has decided what He wants people to see when they look at us.

The other way I see this analogy playing out is in how God uses each of our life experiences to shape us. The experiences we go through - whether good or bad - each add to our character. They refine and define us. The good experiences add a little shine to our personality. The accomplishments, the promotions, the family events put smiles on our faces. On the contrary, the trials, the disappointments, the frustrations might leave us with a few scratches. These scratches at first glance can make us look rough, but in truth they actually show our durability. They are a testament to the things we've overcome. As I write this, I am staring at a pot on my shelf that has a little knick in it. I'm curious, where did it come from? How did it withstand the impact of whatever caused it to chip? I find it's imperfections make it all the more beautiful. It has a story, just like you and I.

God handles us with care, just as a potter handles his clay with care. He holds us gently in His hands and protects us from destruction. The clay is safe in the Potter's hands and there is something so sweet about surrenduring to the design of your Creator.

Isaiah 64:8

Yet LORD, you are our Father,

we are the clay,

and you are the potter,

we are all the work of your hands.

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