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Agape: A Love Like No Other

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Agape is the highest form of love the Father has for us. This word has been stirring in my heart lately. As humans we strive to be loved; we crave it. We were created for companionship and community. God commanded us to love one another deeply and be in fellowship with each other. We aren't supposed to live a lonely life. We are all called to agape.

God's love for us is so incredible. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the love my Heavenly Father has for me. It blows my mind to know that the Creator of everything in the universe loves me despite all my imperfections and sin. His love is something we can't comprehend, no matter how hard we try to make sense of it. He loves 7 billion people with the agape kind of love. Yet, we have a hard time loving that slow driver on the road, or the mean girl in our class, or even our very own flesh and blood.

I have been convicted lately of how I treat people or judge others. I hate admitting that to you, but I think it is important to be honest that I struggle... after all, I am only human. I am a 9 on the enneagram with a 1 wing. While as a 9, I strive for peace and harmony, my 1 wing can take over sometimes and I become judgmental or opinionated of people. Now listen, I am definitely not using the enneagram as an excuse! It's not! But I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to learn why I do the things I do. Because I have this tool, I've been made more aware of my sinful nature and am working hard to examine myself and the ways I mess up. I challenge you to do the same.

I strive to love those in my life with an agape kind of love, but the thing is, I am called to love everyone I come into contact with with that kind of love, not just the ones who are integral parts of my life. And you are called to do the same. I think we easily forget that when that person cuts us off in traffic, or your friend doesn't text back right away, or someone close to us does something hurtful. Even in those moments, we are called to love each other. I was thinking this morning that the world would look completely different if we loved like Jesus--unconditionally. When our love is conditional, we aren't living into who God created us to be. When our love is conditional, we let ourselves and others down. The problem with a love of condition is that the love won't last. People WILL let us down, they WILL disappoint us. And if our love is conditional those moments will be hard to overcome. Let's not let the inevitable stop us from loving each other the way Jesus does. We need each other.

Today, I challenge you to reflect on how you love others. Is it conditional? Have you learned to accept people's flaws and love them no matter what? If not, how can you change your heart? I am starting by asking for forgiveness from the LORD. Beyond that I am asking for Him to help me show love to everyone I come into contact with, even if they let me down. Friends, please show love and grace to those around you. This world needs it.

1 John 3:16

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