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A Peak into my Space

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you guys about interior design and I thought it would be fun to write about that for a change! Even though it isn’t my major anymore, it is still something I have a passion for. A year ago in August I moved into a cute little cottage home with three friends. It was important to us to create a space where others felt welcomed. We also wanted to make sure the environment was cozy for ourselves and all of our guests. I will take you through a few of our rooms in the house and let you in on some tips of how we achieved a cozy and comforting environment, while also keeping things clean and simple. 

For starters, we decided to keep our kitchen pretty simple. Our kitchen table is our gathering

space. We’ve played games there, had deep life talks there, and eaten “family” dinners there. It has been a table full of love and laughter over the past year. All of our walls are white so we wanted to bring in some color to this room. To do that, I painted 2 of our kitchen chairs a soft blue. Personally, I love bringing in pops of color to rooms that do not have much variation to begin with. By painting the chairs, it added some variation to all the white. We also added minimal decor to the walls to keep it looking clean. Our last touch was a couple of plants in the window sills. By adding plants to your space you are able to bring in some life, while not making it feel too cluttered. It is such a simple and CHEAP way to decorate your home. When in doubt with what decor to use, use plants!

Moving on to the living room, we have some eclectic furniture that was given to us for free. Even though the room is not the most cohesive, we were able to find ways to bring it together in it’s own way. Our couches have specks of yellow/gold in it so in order to tie that color into the rest of the room I purchased some yellow pillow cases from Amazon. One recommendation I have is to only order pillow cases that have zippers so as the seasons change, you can easily switch them out with different patterns and colors for a low cost. 

All of us roommates love music so we hung records up on the wall to add some accent pieces to the room. It is good to have a focal point of the room that people’s eyes are drawn to when they enter. To top it off, we brought more plants into the room! 

My room is one of my favorite places; my little corner of the world. It is an oasis from all the craziness. I wanted to use christmas lights to bring the cozy vibes in. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get into bed and turn those lights on. They bring so much peace to my room. I used throw pillows on my bed to make it look inviting to me at the end of a long day. Throw pillows are a really simple accent to add to a space. Photos are extremely important to me so I have lots of them hanging in my room. When I see the photos of my family and friends I am always instantly reminded of how blessed I am. I also love words! Verses, quotes, and letters from friends. They bring me such encouragement and I love being able to read them every day. It is important to make sure your space is filled with things that bring you joy and peace. You do not want your space to bring you anxiety or make you uncomfortable. This is your space to retreat to. It needs to be a relaxing and safe place for you to destress.

Decorating a space can feel overwhelming at first, but I would encourage you to take it one room at a time and make sure you are putting your personal style into it. Do not decorate the way your friends do. Do not decorate the way Joanna Gaines does. Decorate how you want to and add your personal touch. In the end, it is all about what makes you feel at home.

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